Thursday, September 13, 2007

A pig, pizza and wrapping paper -school fundraiser

We have been in school exactly two weeks now. I have gotten the selling kit for the fall school fundraiser earlier this week. I can buy overpriced wrapping paper, Christmas ornament and lot of novelty items-I really hate, well detest the fall fundraisers at the schools.

The pressure and motivation that they put on kids-hey kids sell so much and you will earn a Shrek key chain. The kicker this year is a contest

Every class with 50% or more classroom participation in the fall fundraiser will receiving a wriggling, waggling walking pig. Every class who had earned a pig will race. The class that wins the race will receive a PIZZA PARTY and a MSYTERY PRIZE!

Pizza and pigs... my oldest wanted to go door to door yesterday.

Will this Mom cave into peer pressure-probably but I really want to send in this beg off letter

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Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Since my kids go to Catholic school, I feel like we're bombarded with lots of fundraisers, and now with 2 in boy scouts and one in girl scouts, we'll have more. Oh, boy....

I don't participate in all the fundraisers for various reasons. One, they are overpriced. Two, I can't buy or sell the food because it's not whole foods. If someone came up with a fundraiser using whole foods, I would be all over it. Three, we simply don't have the budget to participate. I help as much as I can in other ways like volunteering.