Sunday, November 18, 2007

Thanksgiving and Turkey frugal tips

Gobble, gobble the cost of Thanksgiving is going up 11% this year.

Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people with customary dishes like turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie will cost an average $42.26, up $4.16 from $38.10 last year.

A higher turkey price was the largest contributor to the increase in the cost for this year's feast. The trade group's 22nd annual informal survey of prices found that a 16-pound turkey cost $1.93 more this year at $17.63.

I don't cook Thanksgiving dinner myself- I make most of the sides and bring them over to my mother in laws. However it has been tradition in my house for me to cook a turkey on the Friday after and have another Thanksgiving feast! Of course, for having leftovers!! I was able to get 2 turkey for 39 cents a lb as long as I spent $10. I did two rounds of my weekly grocery shopping-but I did it. Our second frozen turkey will give us a nice Turkey dinner in January. I would picked up a 3rd, but no room in the freezer.

Here are some tips that I have shared in the past!

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