Monday, March 03, 2008

Frugal Five Meet Gina

Gina is a frugal momma to be from Nebraska

What is your financial life?

I am 28 and pregnant with my first baby due in early July . I currently work from home part time My husband has a full time job in construction where he makes good money in warmer months. My husband and I have been stupid about using credit. We have totally paid off our credit cards several times in the past few years with big bonuses that he gets and then we charge them right back up again like idiots! We both know what bad deals credit cards are, we just get greedy about wanting something right now, I guess. Well, I have seriously had enough. We make a very nice income and I'm tired of feeling "Where the heck did our money go?". I want to be spending less then we earn, saving !

What is your budget buster?

It has been the credit cards! Hopefully we now got it under control!

What is your favorite money saving tip?

Stay at home! My plan is to not go out. While I do plan to get out of the house (walks around the neighborhood, maybe trips to the library), when I am out, I spend. I also plan for me and dear husband to eat all homemade meals. I also plan to put away the credit cards I have and only carry my debit card, I am also going to have my husband put away his credit card. We actually do not use our credit cards that much but we do not need them, I don't want the temptation.

If you had an extra $1000 what would you do with it?

If I had an extra $1000, I would use it to put aside to use when I have the baby in the summer.

What is your best resource for frugal living?

The internet is so full of money saving ideas. However my favorite place is

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