Monday, June 24, 2013

Frugal Meal Planning week of June 23rd

Happy official Summer!! We are starting to see the heat and I tend to get lazy sometimes in the kitchen.  

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Frugal ways to have a cheap summer with the kids-here are some of our tips 

Sunday  We did burgers, fries -  we had a baseball game right at dinner time so a late diner. Hubby tried to get us to go out to dinner but I said no no need to all we need was to heat up the burger

Monday        Turkey Sausages and baked spinach   (mix frozen spinach, 2 cups cottage cheese, 2 eggs and parm cheese)

Tuesday       Sandwiches we are going to a concert by the lake at dinner 

Wednesday   Chili over baked potatoes (we didn't have this last week-we did an extra night of sausages) 

Thursday      Pulled pork, mashed potatoes 

Friday    Leftover pulled pork in tortillas  and cole slaw 

Saturday Going out for dinner for our anniversary 

Are you looking for even more menu ideas check out  Monday meal plans at organizing 

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Lauren said...

I want to try your baked spinach. What size package of spinach do you use? (10 oz. box, 16 oz. bag?) Thanks!