Sunday, August 28, 2005

Happy Annivesary to my Credit Card Debt

Aahhh sweet memories of my first date with my credit card. It was the beginning of my freshman year at college 17 years ago. Sign up for Citigroup Credit card and get a free bag of M&Ms. For college students offering candy was the way to sign up and of course the "Free Money" was something else. I could buy clothes, treat my friends to dinner and before I knew the statement came. I was over the limit so more charges and then opps a late payment. Not fun. Luckily I had a job and was able to pay the minimum amount but the interest and the fees made my $30 jeans cost about $80 years later. Worth it no way. Pay cash or get a debit card. Don't fall for You must get a credit card to establish credit.

Today 17 years later no credit card debt. Actually we do not use credit cards at all. I realized that Christmas is not an emergency, I also realized that I a want to be a stay at home mom so no credits since July 2000. Hubby and I had over 20,000 of debt at that point. We got frugal, cut up the credit cards and start focusing on getting that credit card debt paid off.

If you are going to school pick up the book by Dave Ramsey called The Total Money Makeover: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness Find out why you want to be weird instead of normal.

Enjoy your savings!

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