Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How to save money on eating out

We are currently in a no eating out challenge for the rest of the year except   for my birthday, my husbands and there are a couple of special occasions.   We are trying not to eat out for the sake of just eating out. However when we do I like to stretch out my dinning dollars. 

1.     Use coupons and promotions
I am signed up for daily deals sites like Groupon and Living social plus a few more local ones to me. I have been able to find discounts for 50 to 90 percent for example  get $50 of food for $25.  I will take it!   I also am fans of the restaurants  on facebook  because often times they will post coupons and deals exclusive to their subscribers like Kids eat free For example, one local restaurant just posted that they are having chicken parm over pasta for only $7.00 tonight. Maybe hit that place instead of the restaurant across the street that sells it for $14.00    Applebees and Chili's have those 2 for $20 menu which include an appetizer. 

2. Buy cheap gift certificates
I love Restaurant.com  Visit Restaurant.com, where you can browse local restaurants and buy discounted gift certificates – like $25 certificates for $10, or $50 certificates for $20. Often with promotional codes, you can get a $25  gift certificate for only  $3-$5.00 . There is usually a minimum amount (IE $35 for a $25 gift certificate)  that you need to spend and it doesn't include drinks-food only     Restaurant.com recently came out with  a phone app for both iphone and android phones.  You no longer need to print them out they will record the certificate number off your phone!! 

3. Skip the alcohol and maybe the soda
Alcohol isn't cheap, especially at restaurants. Very rarely do my husband and I order a drink. Now if I am with the girls for a girl’s night out we will usually get a bottle of wine.
Soda isn't much better-soda for all 5 of us can add about $10-$12.00 to our bill. I will usually grab an ice water for myself.  I usually give into the boys for soda.

4. Order an appetizer as your meal
Appetizers like Mexican  quesadillas or chicken wings can easily be a sufficient meal – especially since they are usually served in portions big enough to share . My oldest son has a very expensive appetite-like let me find the MOST expensive thing on the menu and order It like shrimp.  I will usually be able to get him to order the shrimp cocktail for usually half the price.  Sometimes else that we have done is order 3 appetizers that my family shares instead of ordering meals if we are going out to eat mid day. 


femmefrugality said...

I skip the drinks. The boyfriend always gets a soda. Since it's just one, it's not a budget killer, but my frugality just won't allow me to do it. :)

Admin said...

Thanks for stopping by

Good for you water is much better for you anyways...