Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing the Thrifty Thursday rewind

Drum roll please… Introducing the first Thrifty Thursday rewind! Let's share some of our old post to get some new love!   I have been blogging about being living on a budget since 2004 and living that lifestyle since I became a mom!  Some weeks we will have theme and some will not! 

If you’ve got a thrifty blog post that you’d like to share with like-minded individuals (or even with differently-minded individuals), then come and share it here.  It’s a great opportunity to spread the frugal gospel far and wide and to find fellow thrifty bloggers! 

share your thirty thursday  frugal blog post
How do YOU save money?

Please remember to follow the Thrifty  Thursday Rewind  linkup  
  1. Link up a money saving idea and explain how it is helpful in your post.
  2. No giveaways or deals posts.
  3. Recipes are allowed, but share how it is thrifty! 
  4.  A link back is nice but not required 

Here are some of our Thrifty Thursday link ups!  Please check back on Thursday for a new linkup 

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Lisa Lewis Koster said...

Looking forward to some of your tips! Linking up behind you on Works for Me Wednesday.