Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Easy Egg Breakfast ideas for busy mornings

Morning times can very hectic especially when  getting back to the daily routine of school.  We have three boys who are growing so quickly and always on the go with sports, cub scouts school and playing in general and being out the door by 7am.  They are always hungry and I have definitely found that starting them off with protein rich  breakfasts keep them going longer than sugary boxed cereals.

Here are some of our fast  breakfast ideas-I usually do this on Sunday evenings while watching something on Netflix or Hulu
Easy egg breakfast ideas

Easy Bacon or Sauage  Egg and Cheese breakfast  Sandwich  

24  English muffins or Bagels (I try to use whole wheat or multigrain)
24  Eggs
Bacon  or precook sausage patties
American Cheese slices
Salt and Pepper

Toast your bagels or English muffins

If doing bacon ones I bake a bunch of bacon on cookie sheets  in the oven - 425 degrees for 15 minutes  Otherwise I throw in the precook sausage patties into the microwave

I take a dozen eggs and fry up each one.   I have a big skillet griddle  that will fry up   6  eggs at a time.  I salt and pepper the eggs and break the yolk to cook it up too so it is not runny.

Then it is assembly time

I take an egg, bacon or sausage patty and a slice of cheese   and layer the sandwich.

I wrap each sandwich in foil.  This allows my the kids to just heat it up in the toaster oven  in the morning before school or my husband can do it in the office.

Occasionally this become after school snacks like I said I have growing boys!  

Baked Omelets 

This can be premade and is usually my breakfast of choice instead of the breakfast sandwich.
- 4 eggs
-diced vegetables like broccoli, onions, peppers, spinach (great way to use up small amounts of leftovers) or use frozen veggies, Just make sure you drain well.
-diced cooked meats like ham and turkey (optional)
- shredded mozzarella or cheddar cheese
-fresh or dried herbs

I put this in  9 inch pie plate at 425 degrees  and it gives me breakfast for 4 mornings.

Occasionally I will 2 of the baked omelets for something different to eat than the breakfast sandwiches.

If you are wondering I buy 36 eggs week.


Healthy Branscoms said...

That looks so yummy! :) I am new to your blog! Love it! Erin

Admin said...

Thanks Heather for stopping on by!

Maria said...

This sounds like a really good, hearty breakfast that would keep you going all day (or at least until lunch lol!!) I love English muffins, they are one of my favorite things to have for breakfast, and I'll have to prepare them this way sometime!!! Thanks for sharing! :)