Saturday, June 02, 2007

5 ways to go to the movies for cheaper

We all know going to the movies can be expensive. It can cost a family $40 or so to go; so we don't go all that much!

Here are some tips to save money on going to the movies

1. Buy tickets in bulk
An example of this would be to go AMC theatres You can buy a minimum of 50 tickets with no expiration date for $6.00 from them. You usually need to wait a few weeks before seeing the movie, but for the savings it may be worth if you have a family and go to the movies often.

2. Buy from ebay
So you don't want to buy in bulk, check out ebay. Just doing a search found me several auctions for 10, 20 tickets. Of course do your research to make sure they are a good seller.

3. Loyalty or reward cards
Most of the major chains have them. Show it each time you buy tickets or popcorn and you will get points. You can redeem those points to use at the theatre for later time.

4. Drive in theatres
There are still 500 drive in theatres in the United States. In fact we went to one to see Spiderman 3 a few weeks back. It only cost us $20 to get in. Check to see if there is a
drive in near you. You can bring your own snacks. We got there about 1 hour early and the kids played ball and frisbee-it was like tailgating.

5. Free movies for kids
Sometimes they might not be first run but you can see if you local movie theatre is offering free summer movies for the kids


Sick of Debt said...

A 6th way would be secret shopping at a movie theater. My wife and I haven't done one yet, but basically you get paid to watch a movie and get free food in exchange for checking out the bathrooms, the service at the counter and the advertising.

Frugal Work at home mom said...

Thanks I didn't think of that one. I have done mystery shopping in the past, but never did a movie

OrganicTaste said...
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