Monday, August 20, 2012

Frugal meal planning week of August 19th

We got back last Thursday from  week long vacation at my parent's cottage on the lake.  I brought some easy food and we ate out a few times.  We did a water park that cost us close to $170  and we brought our own lunch that day.  There was a family of 5 that sat down at a picnic table near us and when she was walking by she said she wished she was smart and packed lunches and snacks as it cost close to $50 for their lunch! Yowza.  On last week's   Thrifty Thursday I took a look back my frugal vacation at the cottage.

We did also go to a super large arcade  and then attempted to use a mobile app gift certificate but the restaurant didn't know how to use it.  That was very frustrating but sometimes especially on vacation you need to shrug some stuff off.   I did report back to and they refunded my $4.00 that I purchased the gift certificate.

The one thing that gets me is the Ice cream boat! Yes an ice cream boat that seems very expensive. I do let the kids get one or two treats from it each week while we are on vacation. I do believe in ice cream daily while on vacation between going to get a cone at the local place to grabbing a half gallon at the local store! The boys and I had plenty of ice cream.

I do have a few large bills coming due in September plus all the back to school showing.  I am not super great about "sinking funds"  This is our last full week of summer vacation  before school starts!

Also my garden is growing plenty of tomatoes,  green peppers and  zucchini

Here is our menu plan for this week

Sunday  Gourmet burgers,  squash fries for me and french fries for the boys

Monday   Quick and Easy Lasagna cupcakes  New recipe I am trying!

Tuesday  Cheesy beef and broccoli  check out the recipe

Wednesday Chicken and zucchini tator tots  these are new to me but I wanted to try them out.  They look like a lot of work,

Thursday  Sandwiches as we are heading out to a free  outdoor movies

Friday  Clean out the fridge night! I am sure that there will be some leftovers

Saturday  Homemade pizza

Are you looking for even more menu ideas check out  Monday meal plans at organizing junky  And if you a frugal blogger please join thrifty thursday linkup!

PS grab this great free grilling  cookbook


Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

I agree that while on vacation it is ok to shrug certain things off--a few extra bucks can make a it a special occasion.

Thanks for sharing your meal plan, seeing other people's meals helps me to keep from falling in a rut with my own!

Admin said...

Thanks for stopping on by! I love looking at what people eat for dinner. I am always trying a new recipe!

Erica said...

Love the lasagne cupcake idea. Muffin tin meals are a big hit in my house!
Thanks for linking up to This Flourishing Life's Menu Monday :)