Monday, November 26, 2012

Frugal Meal Planning week of November 25th

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving with family and friends.  I did a little shopping plus got to attend a great parade yesterday to kick off the Christmas season.   We will be using leftover turkey to stretch out our meal planning this week.   We also made a batch of turkey vegetable  soup from the bones of the turkey that I will be eating for lunch all week.  

Sunday  Homemade pizza 

Monday Turkey gobblers -basically turkey wraps with all the fillings 

Tuesday Chicken bruschetta  bake  but with turkey meat instead.

Wednesday Continuing our soup Wednesday!   Pumpkin sausage soup 

Thursday  leftover chicken brushcetta bake adding pasta to stretch it out 

Friday  Sloppy joes, green beans, french fries 

Are you looking for even more menu ideas check out  Monday meal plans at organizing junky  And if you a frugal blogger please join thrifty thursday linkup!


BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

So many MPM bloggers have breakfast for dinner. I'm so going to start serving breakfast for dinner. It's economical;especially during these rough economic times. I actually saw $7 spaghetti sauce at Walmart!

MPM definitely keeps me on track. I actually look forward to Mondays!

Your menu plan looks delicious.
Have a wonderful week!

Debbie said...

I am giving away two great prizes on my blog: a $50 gift certificate to my favorite jeweler and a copy of a new book published by fellow blogger, Kat Robinson. It is called Arkansas Pie: A Slice of the Natural State. I just know you will love either one. Come link up to enter.