Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Save Money on Prescription Drugs Meds

ABC news did a segment on how to save money on your prescriptions  we have number of prescriptions and this is good advice! 

1.   Check your bill, like you would at a restaurant.
Believe it or not, there are codes for your drugs, and billing departments often get them wrong. In seconds,

2. Arm    yourself with the Low RX App.
Did you know that drug prices fluctuate like gas prices? This iphone app tells you what the average cost is for a particular drug and its generic, and arms you with the phone numbers of every pharmacy in your area. You can call other pharmacies to comparison shop.  The app also shows discounts.

3.   Go to big wholesalers, even if you’re not a member.
The Low RX app told ABC News to go to Costco, and as it turned out,  by law you could buy your prescription drugs there even if you weren’t a member.

4.   Negotiate.
If you do go to smaller mom-and-pop local  pharmacies instead of the chain ones, you can wheel and deal to bring the price down. Bringing cash can increase your bargaining power.

5.   You can go directly to the big drug companies.
Katz called and emailed large drug companies on behalf of Cari and Andrew. She kept at it for weeks, providing proof of the family’s financial situation and even suggested that Cari might have to stop buying its particular drug altogether.

6.   Visit Needymeds.com.
Needymeds is a nonprofit group that offers grants, vouchers and patient assistance through its website.

7.   Use an RX discount card.

Together Rx Access offers savings on brand-name and generic prescription products to individuals and families without prescription drug coverage, according to its website.

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