Sunday, September 02, 2012

Free Museum Days From Bank Of America

 A family outing to a museum can be very expensive, luckily Bank of America has a great deal for cardholders. 

If you have any of their cards (check, ATM, or credit), or a Merrill Lynch card, they are offering free museum days to a number of museums the first weekend of every month  There are 150 museums across the nation that are participating. And it’s not just museums!
There are currently places to visit in 31 states.  New this year are Alaska (yes Alaska!), and Minnesota.

Some examples include  Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland OH.   The Philadelphia Museum of art in Pennsylvania.     There are so many including kids, history and zoos. 
Here are the Museums on Us dates for 2012:

If you are taking advantage of Museums on Us I suggest you get to the location as early as possible.  A nice day combined with a free admission tends to bring a lot of people out for the day.  Avoid the longer lines that occur as the day goes on.

Don't make the day a budget buster by eating at the museum or zoo.  Eat before you go or bring a lunch or snacks to tide you over!  Try to avoid the gift shop as well.   I have to keep my husband out of those as he loves to get sort of stuff.

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