Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thrifty Thursday Rewind September 20th

Welcome to the Thrifty Thursday rewind.  One thing I am hearing alot of lately is very high car payments on some of the money themed message boards that I see.   I learned from my parents not to have a car loan more than 3 years and keep it around $200 a month.  I have kept to that advice.   We don't have any auto loans right now since we bought our last car in cash.  I don't buy brand new cars I buy a few year later and have a savings for buying a new to us car.  Knock on wood, we won't have to buy a  car for a few years.

Are you Car Rich, Cash Poor? We no longer but have our 1996 but I still drive my 2001 around town.


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Diane Balch said...

Lentil soup is high in iron a much cheaper and healthier way to get iron than red meat.

Admin said...

I love lentil soup your recipe is delicious thanks for stopping by and participating in Thrifty thursday.