Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursday rewind September 27th

Welcome to the Thrifty Thursday rewind!  I am excited to we have team up with A Life in Balance for Thrifty Thursday going forward! 

 I can't believe it is end of September.  We have successfully completed the first  month of school.  I have been doing this blog for almost 8 years  7 years ago this month I did  
One hundred things about my money life  I took a look back at some things  that changed.   Many things stayed the same even though my boys are growing up. I was frugal then and I am frugal now.  

What changed.... 

2. I don't need tivo, if I want to record something. I got a vcr.  (VCR is long no longer around  but we have Hulu plus)

3. I don't have an Ipod, I got plenty of CDs and the radio  I did get an ipod shuffle in 2007 and I did treat myself to an iphone in 2010. I know it a want not a need. I will have it for years no need to upgrade again.

7 We do have cable tv, but I refuse upgrade to digital tv.  We did upgrade to digital cable for a few  years when they gave us a decent package but we dropped down to basic cable in 2011.

 20. I do have one car loan which should be paid off within 18 months.   (That car is long paid off and I am still driving it.  We bought another car in June 2009 100% cash. I  hope to never have a car loan again)

21. I am on Dave Ramsey' Baby step number 3 but I don't follow all of his rules. I like Dave for debt reduction. We are currently doing steps 4 and 5 –retirement and college.  Ocassionally I go back to step 3 if we needed to dip into the Emergency fund.

40. I live in Walmart Not really anymore more of a Target girl since they openend in my neighborhood 5 years ago. 

41`. I have a budget category called Walmart  Nope got rid of this 

42. I buy Walmart brand diapers
Luckily not anymore my kids have been potty trained for years.

47. Saturday nights that menu plans usually goes out the window.  (actually we are much better about this now-especially  since I got 2 boys that don’t eat off the kids menu anymore. We have established pizza  and movie night for Saturdays in our house 

48. I am not organized enough to use coupons.  Actually I have gotten better  on this!

50. I go to the bread store and get good deals there Bread store closed down years ago. 

94. I am filling up my gas tank today. It was $2.75 at the station down the street. (Gas it about $3.80 a gallon)

97. They just said with gas could go up to $4.00 a gallon with Hurricane Rita on the radio.  Gas did hit over $4.00 a gallon

99. DH's work isn't that far.  I wish I could say this was true. He got laid off from a year in 2009 and it took about 6 months to find another money.  Luckily we had savings plus unemployment. He is making less than he at his old job. 


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Diane Balch said...

Sorry, I didn't realize that you can't post a giveaway. It is a really good book for people who are living on less.

Admin said...

That is ok Diane I just don't want this to be pull of all giveaways :)

Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

Wow! That's a lot of change in 8 years. I think it's amazing that you wrote the list out, and can take stock of how far you've come now.